Search Engine Optimisation

Direct customers searching on google to your business.

How Does SEO Help Your Business?

DigiAntler offers custom SEO services, both when we build your new website or we redesign your current site. Websites we create naturally rank higher on search engines and increase leads and your profits.

DigiAntler helps you to convert browsers into customers with strong calls to action: receiving more phone calls, selling more products online or clicks on your address to send more diners to your restaurant. 

Even before we create the first page of your new website, we start optimising and planning the design for more leads, higher sales revenue and increased profit. 

Search Engine Optimised pages rank higher on search results when your customers search Google for your products, your business or your service. 

DigiAntler works with you to get the best results from your SEO-optimised website. You can understand more about our specialised search engine optimisation process by reading further below.

DigiAntler SEO Process

Great for small and medium businesses and startups, DigiAntler provides everything you need to make your content pop without breaking the bank.

UX Website Design: More Important than Ever

Easy to use, eye catching and cleverly designed webpages will increase visitor interaction and help you significantly as part of your long-term SEO strategy. We create websites for the optimal user experience. We understand the differences in user expectations for different types of businesses. That's why we create websites uniquely designed for your industry, business and customers. 

Internal Linking: Strategy in the Background

Internal links help Google to understand your website better. If you do this the right way it will help your website to rank higher in search results. Interlinking helps to direct your visitors and Google's bots to your website's most important pages. Correct interlinking increases the time visitors spend on your site which, in turn, tells Google that people value your website's information. 

Off-Page Optimisation: Technical SEO Strategy

The authority or 'importance' of your website can be increased by external link-building, also known as technical SEO or off-page SEO. For most of our clients' websites, in-depth off-page SEO is not required as our extensive on-page optimisation is enough to position them highly in Google results. 

Our #1 Priority: Keyword Research

Your website has the potential to be your most successful marketing tool. The very first step to ensuring your online success is in-depth key phrase research. Using market-leading tools, we analyse your business to find the best keywords to deliver you the most leads.

Quality Content: Your Campaign Backbone

The backbone of your successful SEO campaign is the quality of your written website content. When your visitors land on your homepage, your content should inform, engage and captivate them. Due to the amount of content on the web nowadays, many websites struggle to get read as visitors scroll and scan pages. We build websites that stand out and create content that is easily scannable but worth reading.

On-page Optimisation: Directing Google to You

On-page SEO success is the combination of intelligent UX (user experience) design, quality content focused on your target keywords and interlinking. To assist this success, we create optimised page titles for your unique content. Many web designers neglect images, but these are another important factor in your website's Google success. We ensure your images are optimised keywords and Google success.

We Create Websites That Bring You More Customers.

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